Nima Kolmohammadi is an accomplished guitarist who completed his Bachelor's degree in guitar performance at Tehran University of Art and his Master's degree in guitar performance at the University of Victoria in 2020. He has showcased his talent through notable performances, including duets and trios in Tehran, as well as performances with the Victoria Guitar Society.
With over 15 years of teaching experience, Nima has a diverse range of expertise in various music genres such as classical, flamenco, pop, and rock. Nima's extensive studies in different guitar methods and genres, combined with his teaching experience with students of different ages and interests, have contributed to his exceptional skill and professionalism as a music instructor.
Under Nima's guidance, his students have achieved notable success in guitar competitions, a testament to their dedication and the passion they have developed for the instrument through their work with him. Each student's love for the guitar is nurtured and strengthened through Nima's teaching approach, fostering a deep appreciation for music and a drive for excellence.
Nima's commitment to his craft, both as a performer and a teacher, has established him as a respected figure in the guitar community. He continues to inspire and empower aspiring guitarists to reach their full potential, sharing his knowledge, experience, and love for music.
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